Full and Partial Dentures

Our dental office located in Harvard IL and has an onsite denture lab to provide full denture services.

Denture Lab and Clinic

New Dentures, Immediate Surgical Dentures

For new dentures we replace all of a patient’s teeth, sitting on top of the gums. They’re made with an acrylic resin and come in a variety of styles and quality levels from our economy models to our custom deluxe models.  Your dentures are made utilizing the latest in dental technology with intraoral scans replacing impressions and our on site lab designing and printing your dentures on our custom 3D design software and printers.

Replacement Dentures and Partial Dentures

Replacement and partial dentures are made to sit alongside the patient’s natural teeth. They’re convenient and removable, and are designed to work around the remaining teeth.   They can be used permanently or as a temporary tooth replacement while a patient is waiting for bone and gums to heal before a more permanent solution can be put in place. We make metal framework partials, flexible acrylic partials, and traditional hard acrylic partials or flippers.

The normal process to make new dentures usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks. If you need full dentures faster, we do offer faster emergency service in as little as 24 hours.

Comfort Denture Lab in Starline Factory Harvard IL
  • Comfort Denture Lab
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Compare Denture Models

Full Dentures Cost Material Warranty Notes
Classic $999 Dentca Economy 6 Months Economic choice
Value $1299 Denstply Genios & Lucitone Base 2 Years Value teeth and best denture base
Deluxe $1499 Denstply IPN Portrait & Lucitone Base 3 Years Best teeth and denture base available
New Denture Patient $2399 Initial- Classic, Final- Deluxe 3 Years Includes immediate denture and final denture after healing.
Partial Dentures Cost Brand Material Warranty Notes
Acrylic $495-995 Dentca Dentca 6 Months Economy flipper no clasps
Flexipartial $1195 Dentca Flexiresin 1 Year Flexible partial and clasps
Cast Metal Partial starting at $1549 Classic Chrome Cobalt frame and Lucitone 1 Year Standard metal partial

Loose Dentures?   Trouble eating?   Dental implants may be the solution for you.   With over 30+ years experience in the placement and restoration of dental implants we can help.  We only do implants for denture stabilization or implant supported dentures.  Dental implants from $1399.00 each and implant denture package solutions starting at $5397.00

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Our goal is to provide high quality dentures and partial dentures to our valued patients. With over 35 years of denture experience we know that sometimes dentures need some adjustment and adaptation to be successful. We want to make sure you are happy with your new denture or partial denture. If you have any issues or concerns with your new teeth we will address it and make it right within the first 60 days.

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Scan, Design and Print

With our state of the art 3D tool, “3Shape”, we digitally scan, design and print your dentures right in our lab.

Comfort Denture Lab is a certified Lucitone Digital Print Denture Laboratory.

Payments and Insurance

Economy Dentures starting at $999.00 an arch

Extractions $89.00*

* routine extractions with immediate dentures


This practice does not file insurance claims on your behalf. We strive to keep our fees as affordable as possible and do not employ staff for insurance billing.  If you have dental insurance, an appropriate dental walk out statement will be provided so you can file your claim directly with your insurance carrier.

Most of the time you will be reimbursed by your carrier by filing the claim yourself. Comfort Denture Lab and Clinic fees are so low, the total cost for the services you will receive at this location are likely less than the co-pay you will be required to pay at most other general dentistry practices.


Our practice accepts Cash, Credit Cards (Mastercard, Visa,and Discover), FSA and HSA cards, and Checks with a valid ID .


Financing at our Harvard, IL practice is available through Care Credit and Lending Point. Please talk with a member of our practice team for more information on our specific credit financing policies.