Dentures and Denture Repairs

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Denture Repairs and Relines

Have your dentures become loose or less stable when you are eating? Breakage and soreness are also indications for the need of a reline or repair. Contact our office to make an appointment.

Full and Partial Dentures

Not sure where to start? Compare pricing, denture and partial models. Still have questions, we are here to help!

Denture Lab and Clinic

Our dental office located in Harvard IL and has an onsite denture lab to provide denture services and extractions.  We only do extractions and denture related services.

  • New Dentures, Immediate Surgical Dentures
  • Replacement Dentures and Partial Dentures
  • Repairs, Relines

With our on-site lab, most dentures and partials can be repaired or relined in the same day.

All dental treatment provided by a licensed General Dentist.

Comfort Denture Lab in Starline Factory Harvard IL
  • Comfort Denture Lab
    200 W. Front Street
    Starline Factory Building
    Suite 90 A-B
    Harvard, IL 60033

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Serving McHenry County, Boone County, Walworth County and surrounding areas.

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Payments and Insurance

Economy Dentures starting at $999.00 an arch

Extractions $89.00*

* routine extractions with immediate dentures


We strive to keep our fees as affordable as possible and we do not employ staff for insurance billing . If you have dental insurance, an appropriate dental walk out statement will be provided so you can file your claim directly with your insurance carrier.

Most of the time you will be reimbursed from your carrier by filing the claim yourself. Comfort Denture Lab and Clinic fees are low with the total cost for the services you will receive at this location likely less than the co-pay you will be required to pay at most other general dentistry practices.


Our practice accepts Cash, Credit Cards (Mastercard, Visa,and Discover), FSA and HSA cards, and Checks with a valid ID .


Financing at our Harvard, IL practice is available through Care Credit and Lending Point. Please talk with a member of our practice team for more information on our specific credit financing policies.